Nothing can ruin your day like a broken garage door opener causing you to miss work or getting the kids to their soccer game. As with any motorized device, garage door openers will eventually break down over time. Still, it is surprising how many people overlook the most obvious signs that their garage door opener needs attention. This article provides some common symptoms that will let you know that you need a garage door opener repair.

The door reverses when closing

One of the most obvious signs that your opener is on its way out is when it starts working inconsistently. Is your garage door getting into the habit of going partway down and then reversing and going back up again? It almost always happens when the safety “eye,” your garage door’s small infrared sensor that prevents someone or something from getting hurt by the door, becomes dirty, obstructed, or out of alignment. Checking the alignment, cleaning the sensor, or removing the obstruction should do the trick. However, if the door still reverses after several tries, it could mean the electronics within the opener are failing. It could also be a symptom of a more significant issue, so it is better to call an overhead garage door repair technician to let you know what needs to be done.

The door makes loud, unusual noises

Older garage doors are likely to be noisier than newer models. No matter if your garage is old or new, the noises that it makes should be expected and reasonable. Improper garage door opener installation could be the reason behind the noise. The way the opener was mounted on the ceiling affects the vibration and noise levels of the opener. The grinding noise of your garage door opener could also be coming from broken or worn gear. Anyway, it takes a trained ear to tell where the noise is coming from, and a certified garage door technician can remedy the problem without needing to replace the garage door opener.

The door opens and closes randomly

Your garage door is designed to open and close on your command. If your garage door randomly opens and closes when you are not even hitting the open/close button on the remote, the opener button must be stuck in the “pushed” position. Exposed parts in the wiring insulation could also short circuit, resulting in unintended operating of the door. If you find no bad wiring or connections, then something must be wrong with the transmitter. If there is damage to the antenna, all you need is to call a garage door service technician to replace it. 
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